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What i am about

I strive to be the best hairdresser I can possibly be for you. Continuing my education is a requirement for myself, so we don't become stagnant in the industry. 

I want all of my attention focused on you, and your specific hair goals. Quality over quantity is a must in my chair, so I will never double book your appointment.

You won't feel rushed in my chair, I always book extra time with new guests.

There is absolutely no judgement in my chair. I won't be upset or offended if you do anything to your hair yourself, at home. 

All of my pricing is gender neutral, and everyone is welcome in my chair.


I offer "silent" reservations, so you can just sit back and enjoy the service without feeling obligated to converse with me.

I encourage you to ask any questions you have about any services I offer.

I have various snacks and drinks available to my guests.

My Story

My family always knew I would become a hairdresser, even at the age of 3 years old! To be honest, the movie 'Edward Scissorhands' may have had something to do with my love of hair. It definitely makes sense, since I have always loved the macabre and the hairdressing craft. 

My favorite color is purple

My favorite foods are nachos and pasta

My favorite holiday is Halloween

My favorite scary movie is the 'Halloween' series

I have been a hairdresser since 2006. graduated from SLCC Cosmetology in 2009, I was ready to get out there! Three years to complete my 2000 hours was quite the long wait, but I wouldn't change my past.  The longer it took me to graduate, the more practice and experience I gained before I even graduated.  my extensive knowledge of color theory and efficiency behind the chair will make your appointment as relaxing and memorable as possible. 

My attention to detail, and sharp eye, eagerness to learn have all played a role in my business. 


I am a trial-and-error learner, wanting to do things for myself without taking someone else's word for it. I feel that has played a huge part in my hairdresser strengths today. The hairdressing industry needs a little more education on the craft, so I have decided to share the knowledge I've gained in my hairdressing career, and teach anyone that wants to continue their education in this industry.

fun facts about me

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